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August 9, 2009

A whole dinner off the grill!

by heikes3

Summer time … hot in Hotlanta … with the past few days back above the 90’s and no cooling in view. Sometimes, I just can’t get away from switching on the oven, like when I have to destress, which has been a lot lately. Then the oven produces new and the trusty old cakes, pies, cookies, but also a lot of heat.

Our house has an open floor plan. Gosh, that sounded so amazingly enticing when we bought the house, but it pretty much just means that whatever you are making, baking, cooking, burning – unfortunately it does happen in my kitchen from time to time, when I am doing too many things at once – spreads it’s delicious, or not so delicious olfactory wings through the whole 1st level – from kitchen to breakfast room to den to front room into the hallway, and even to the upstairs. Now, if I am baking or cooking up a storm that also means heat everywhere. Our old air conditioning cannot keep up with that, nor does the fan move enough air to give some sweet, windy relief.

No wonder my favorite cooking method in the summer is our grill. I admit – I LOVE my Weber grill!!! It is hooked straight up to the gas supply line of the house and I just got all new flavorizer bars and grates for it … stainless steel. Sweet! I get excited about these kind of things. I am a kitchen nerd!

So, tonight, I thought, why not make the whole dinner on the grill? I had some Frikadellen – German meatballs, practically – which I had already made and frozen. Our CSA package yesterday had an eggplant in it and I still had half a zucchini from our own garden in the fridge. I found a phenomenal marinade recipe for the latter, which I will share in a minute. Hm, what for the starch? Friends of ours had made pizza on the grill before. And our new infatuation with garlic bread brought me to the best and truly easiest pizza dough ever. I made pizza rounds and brushed them with garlicy olive oil, a little salt and voila … amazing bread from the grill!

A big platter … sorry no picture, everybody was diving in so quickly, I could not even get a snap shot … of grilled, juicy meatballs, herb-coated veggie rounds and crispy, garlicky flatbread. Oh, it was so delicious, we all – kids included, or actually particularly the kids – ate ourselves silly. No dessert, no room! Sometimes, dinner is so good, you could not care less about cake. Imagine that!

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