Green Beans with Savory

by heikes3

I always thought green beans were so so, and I found you are either a green bean lover or you couldn’t care less. To make them fresh, many people think they are a nuisance to prepare. Then they buy frozen, tasteless green beans or, oh horror, the canned variety. They already look like they’ve been long dead, well past their prime.

No, when I eat green beans, they have to be fresh, steamed, still crisp and fresh tasting, and that’s what my family is used to.  Our 8-year old is into trying out different foods (I thought she would never get there, constantly resisting something new, but now she is downright adventurous, as long as it does not have to do with mushrooms.). So, she requested green beans a different way, “without the sauce”, as she calls it. I made it. I just plainly steamed them, added a little salt and served them. They tasted like green beans do, a little boring. She gladly admitted she liked my variety much better!

My normal green beans are served with a light coating of buttery, lemony, savory goodness coating them. My girls even clean those off their plates before touching their sausages, I’m proud to say.

How I came about this combination? When we were living back in Germany, I would buy green beans at the local farmers market. When you buy green beans you are asked if you want some savory to go with that. Savory is also called bean herb. It is added then to the boiling water to cook the green beans. It is not added purely for taste, which dissipates in the boiling water, but mostly for it’s digestive properties. It makes beans easier to digest, if you know what I mean. I found, though, that it also tastes quite nicely with beans and wanted to find a way to get more of the taste around my beans.

So, I tried adding it to my steamed green beans with a light combination of flavors we already love …. butter, lemon and garlic and it is absolutely wonderful.

Green Beans with Savory


1 lbs green beans

1 garlic clove,chopped

1 1/2 Tbsp. butter

1 Tbsp lemon juice

1/2 Tbsp dry savory or 1 1/2 Tbsp. fresh

salt + pepper to taste


Wash and cut off ends of green beans. Steam for 15 minutes or until cooked, but still a little crunchy.

In a medium size bowl add the rest of the ingredients, with the butter cut into small pieces. Add the steamed green beans and mix until the butter is melted and the green beans are evenly covered. Add salt and pepper and more lemon juice to taste.


2 Comments to “Green Beans with Savory”

  1. That sounds yummy. Have you tried roasting green beans? We do that quite often; tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper. When they get slightly brown, it gives them a different type of flavor.

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