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June 18, 2011

Sourdough needs time!

by heikes3


I knew better, but I still tried to rush it. I had fed the sourdough to the Norwich Bread specifications. Maybe, I already did not wait long enough there, to have it at it’s prime bubbliness. Then I made the dough. Ask seemed fine. I formed the breads – 2 baguettes and 1 loaf – put them into the fridge without keying them rise first. Here is where I think I messed up. They do need some rising time before being refrigerated. So, even though I gave them ample time to acclimate to my kitchen temperature before going into the oven, they did not rise enough. So, lesson learned. You have to give sourdough it’s proper time to do it’s magic 🙂
I still have the other bread and will see if a bit more rising time will do the job 🙂