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November 12, 2008

Cookie exchange and recipes

by heikes3

I am organizing a cookie exchange with a friend. This is our first time hosting it, so we put out an evite with a great Christmassy cookie picture and a cute saying and requested 6 dozen cookies. We have been bombarded with people saying that is too much. Really? 6 dozen will not last long in our house. That is about one doubled cookie recipe. And the funny thing is, kind of funny to me, at least, that we are also making appetizers, cleaning house, shopping for little gifts, and are making all these cookies on top of it. At the end of the cookie exchange, we will all go home with 6 dozen cookies, currently 13 different varieties. How awesome is that? Who will stand in the kitchen and make that many different cookies and then have 3 dozen of each? After sampling them all, friends come over, family over the holidays, maybe teachers gifts, bamm, there are non left by New Years day. I will be surprised if ours will make it past Christmas. Then again, we also have the gingerbread house! Pictures to follow soon!!!

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